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But Susan wants to keep on singing - and is not concerned with money so much as we are for her. She's got to sell lots of CDs this time round to get to keep on recording.
I don't think that is going to be a problem at all. My word, on this weeks HITs list there were only two groups who sold more than 100,000. Of course she will keep on recording. What IDAD did was phenomenal and I sure hope The Gift does the same. If for some reason it doesn't, in my opinion, in no way would that jeoperdize her career. She is a worldwide star with millions of fans. That is not going to stop if she doesn't sell 10 million albums this or any other time. She is outselling all or most of Columbia's other stars and will outsell Jackie as well I feel sure. IDAD is still in the top 100 albums on Amazon. It's not charting right now, but I'm sure still selling very respectable numbers. The Gift has stayed in the top 10 since it was announced. Since it is the largest online retailer, I think that is significant.