Hi yall ...

There is a Thread concerning whom BOUGHT Susans book, Threads related to the Book itself but I thought I would start a NEW Thread, that might yield some very interesting Contributions .
On this Thread , you can go in as many directions as you want concerning any personal story that relates to Susans book .
It could be something internally related , or ....something externally related ,but either way reveals how Susans book is affecting ....

I'll start with my personal story:

My girlfreind and her daughter, recently came over from Edmonton Alberta , for her daughter Hannah to see a Justin Bieber concert.
Um.......Hannah ended up becoming somewhat "famous" through that , but thats a Thread and a funny story I'll probably start in a Chat Thread .

In the meantime:
At this point I had only read up to half way in Susans book ( as I am making it last as looong as I can before finishing it ) .

I had told my friend about the book and she had been keenly interested in it .

Well, they stayed overnight at my place , with the plan of me taking Hannah to the bus depot in the morning , so that , her mom ( my freind) could continue sleeping.

The night before , all Hannah wanted to do was take a peek at Susans book.

Her mom had to pry her away from it , for her to pack her clothes to go home the next day , which is when her mom , grabbed the book and started reading it .

After about 20 minutes or so , Hannah had finished packing , her mom went to do something and Hannah picked up the book again.

She had to go to bed sometime - so her mom shooed her away from the book so she could go to bed .

My friend asked me when I was going to be back from the bus depot in the morning and so I told her about 9:30 , but that I was probably going to just crash on the couch for a while as I was extremely tired.

She asked me to leave the book beside her pillow , so that , if she woke up and I was still crashed , she could just read some of the book till I woke up .

So, I left it there, by her pillow.

Next morning, I took Hannah to the bus depot ( she was going on ahead of her mother as she was going to be stopping in another city for a few days to see friends) .

When I came home , I left out a pudding cup , a mango and a box of Healthy snack bars for her to dig into in case I was asleep .

Ok , I admit I was REALLY tired. So much so , that I ended up sleeping undisturbed , ALL AFTERNOON .
When I woke up , and saw what time it was ( omigoodness I overslept) , I went to my bedroom , where my friend was and there she was , lying there , with book in hand , an open box of snack bars with 3/4s of them eaten ( wrappers all round) , an empty pudding cup with spoon still stuck inside ....and she sheepishly said :

UH....Im on the very last of the pages of the book.

"You read Susans ENTIRE book?" I said ??
( It appeared she had not even gone up to go the bathroom , the way all the garbage was strewn about her )

Good Heavens , I havent even finished it yet and you've gone and read the WHOLE thing??

Welllll................I didnt want to wake you , so I just read ....and kept reading and ......now I'm almost done...

So...I just left her lying there , till she completely read Susans book . Bewildered.

She came out a few minutes later , having completed it and said :

Er.. I admit, I was a bit bewildered because , now she knew MORE then I did about the Book.

Anyways , she wanted to talk about different parts of it, but given I hadnt read the parts about "YVIE " .......she had to refrain .
Er.....thats the chapter that had really moved her .....

Well, later that evening , she gets on FaceBook .
She has 350 "friends" and told them all she had read Susan Boyles book for 6 straight hours, non-stop and she'd loved it .

Now ....those "friends" whom comment often ...ALSO have "friends" and so on and so on .MORE TO HEAR ABOUT SUSANS BOOK.

The next day , my friend was on the phone to ANOTHER friend , she has not seen in a few years ( re-connecting on her visit here ) and she told THAT friend , on the phone , what she had done .
I heard THAT friend , talking to her about SUSAN as well ....

and on and on , it goes .

See how one seed just produces another and another and another and another???

Thats my personal story, now interested to hear others.....