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Thread: Sept 17-23: Susa-News Summary

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    Default Sept 17-23: Susa-News Summary

    We, as her adoring fans, are privileged to constantly watch and enjoy the public activities of Global Superstar, Susan Boyle. I am maintaining a daily log of the highlights of Susa-news and not editorializing toooo much. Accuracy is very important – PLEASE PM any additions and/or corrections to me. I’ve tried to credit the right Fan where possible. Please forgive my mistakes and send me a correction.

    September 17-23: A misc. bit of Susa-news

    September 17, Sunday

    1. Sundaypost.com posted “Top Scots vocal coach Yvie Burnett on how Louis Walsh changed her life, her X Factor days and becoming an author” by Bill Gibb about the 10 “Big Moments” of Yvie’s life so far. Yvie was quoted about her relationship with Susan:
    “As well as X Factor I was asked to do Britain’s Got Talent, which was so exciting. I was in America and had been sent a DVD of the singers I’d be working with, but hadn’t seen it yet. I turned on the TV news one day and saw a report about Susan Boyle and the amazing impact she’d made. So I watched my DVD to see this phenomenon I was going to be teaching and saw she needed a bit of a polish but she was feisty and had guts.
    “When I met her she walked into the room with a pink feather boa. I just thought, ‘Woah, this one’s something special’. We got on right from the start and I worked with her daily and helped make her as strong as she could be.
    “It was like no time I’ve even known for any other singer. I’ve never seen fame come so quickly and with such intensity. It was hard, but she became a superstar and got the thing she wanted most, which was to become a famous singer.”

    September 1, Monday

    September 19, Tuesday

    1. Pardonmeboy posted: “Emeli Sande was interviewed on Woman's Hour this morning on BBC Radio 4. There was mention of Susan and both the interviewer and interviewee seemed to admire her.” http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b093hw8r

    2. Approximation of the conversation between Presenter, Jane Garvey (JG) and; Emeli Sande (ES) between 19:14 – 19:38. Emeli Sande was credited with “This Will Be The Year” recorded in 2011 by Susan on her third album, Someone To Watch Over Me.
    • JG: … “I’m also intrigued by the fact that you’ve written for Susan Boyle.”
    • ES: “Yes, yes.”
    • JG: “Have you met Susan Boyle?”
    • ES: “Sadly not, I’d love to though.”
    • JG: “I actually loved her version of “Will Horses”. And I think she’s got a cracking voice.”
    • ES: “Yes, and she has spirit, too. She has a real passion for music and she has a need for music[?] I could really relate to. It was a real pleasure and honor to write for her.”
    • JG: “And only if Susan Boyle would walk in the room now. But sadly we don’t’ have her.”

    September 20, Wednesday

    September 21, Thursday

    September 22, Friday

    1. A tweet from someone from Blackburn with a 18-sec video of Susan at a drugstore.
    • “Susan Boyle has the laugh of a reprobate”

    September 23, Saturday
    The revised editions of my books, Susan Boyle, Professional Singer, by 15 six month periods covering July 1, 2009 through December 31, 2016 are now available as Kindle e-Books only at Amazon, just $6.85 per eBook. They are inter-active books with the text acting as a “tour guide” with the active links to the best YouTube video and/or audio that are available of many of Susan's performances and/or interviews.

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    Your compilation about Susan is interesting as usual. Thank you.

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