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Thread: July 9-15: Susa-News Summary

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    Default July 9-15: Susa-News Summary

    We, as her adoring fans, are privileged to constantly watch and enjoy the public activities of Global Superstar, Susan Boyle. I am maintaining a daily log of the highlights of Susa-news and not editorializing toooo much. Accuracy is very important – PLEASE PM any additions and/or corrections to me. I’ve tried to credit the right Fan where possible. Please forgive my mistakes and send me a correction.

    July 9-15: Week prior and Glamis Prom performance

    July 9, Sunday

    July 10, Monday

    July 11, Tuesday

    1. Some official SBFII business: “The Nominating Committee is pleased to announce that there are two nominees who have agreed to fill the two open Board positions of SBFII if elected by the membership at the Annual General Meeting 2017. Each was nominated and seconded in accordance with the bylaws of SBFII. The two nominees are: Jclar and westchestfan.

    July 12, Wednesday
    1. Susa-fans from the Forum began arriving in Scotland and posting. Photos were posted from the Bus Stop Café. http://forum.susan-boyle.com/threads...top-Cafe-today!

    2. Kathleen 0787 posted: “Well, I am here and I had the great opportunity to see Susan today! She's in great spirits and is very excited about performing at Glamis. She knows there will be a bunch of us fans there up front. Now we just have to pray the weather is good. It rained here today but was a short shower.

    July 13, Thursday
    1. A note posted on Facebook: “Final rehearsal tonight with our fabulous Susan Boyle with her awesome vocal coach and musical director of Soul Nation Chris Judge! To say we are all excited is an understatement!” https://www.facebook.com/glamisprom/...541964577792:0

    July 14, Friday: Fans gather; day before Susan’s performance at Glamis Prom
    1. Canadianbill posted: “Just heard from Sherry from Florida, she's checked into the Dundee Hotel, first to arrive (others will also be staying there, though not all). And of course she's now using her time to tweet for the forum!”
    Here are the forum fans together at the hotel after dinner: Angelika in back left; Sherry from Florida; soimpressed; Marie (soimpressed's mother);Diane; and Nora

    2. Sherry from Florida posted: “The name of the hotel is Hampton by Hilton. I just called it the Dundee hotel because it is in the city of Dundee (I really must be more clear!). Dundee is about 55 miles north of Edinburgh. Glamis is about 22 miles further north from Dundee.”

    July 15, Saturday: Performance at Glamis Prom: (http://forum.susan-boyle.com/threads...m-July-15-2017)
    1. At Glamis Prom at Glamis Castle, Susan, wearing a handsome magenta gown performed 5 songs — “IDAD”, “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”, “The Impossible Dream”, “AllI Ask of You” duetting with Lee Mead, and “ Thank You For The Music” in the finale with all the performers.

    2. The available videos as of Sunday morning:
    • “All I Ask Of You” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nj3i_Bqp6bM
    • “All I Ask of You” AND “The Impossible Dream!”: https://www.facebook.com/MRSNAG/posts/10155495780053607
    • “IDAD”” https://www.facebook.com/MRSNAG/posts/10155495744818607

    3. Tweets and comments from Glamis Prom:
    • “The Glamis Prom: “Who's looking forward to hearing this beautiful voice tonight? Our friend, Scotland's star, #SusanBoyle will bring us sunshine whatever the weather! ✨🍾🎶🍰🎶 #GlamisProm”
    • “A great night at the Glamis Prom” https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DEzjsZXXoAA3aqn.jpg
    • #Susan Boyle & #Lee Mead at #Glamis Prom https://instagram.com/p/BWlDDt6AVjC/
    • Susan with Lee Mead: http://forum.susan-boyle.com/threads...=1#post1089248
    • “Loving @glamisproms #subo @leemeadofficial @JaiMcdowallBGT @christina” https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DEz56j3XgAAYfAP.jpg
    • “Susan Boyle and Lee Mead with their amazing performance of All I Ask of You at Glamis Prom.” https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DEz85v1WsAEeYNQ.jpg
    • “I knew @SusanBoyleHQ was talented but.....holy moley. Goosebumps. Tears. @glamisproms SUCH A GOOD NIGHT!!”
    • Posted on Instagram by Nikki, hair and makeup: “What a power house of voices tonight with Lee Mead too . Truely amazing voices #backstage #susanboyle #glamiscastle” https://instagram.com/p/BWlfUYLBm6V/
    • “@glamisproms said we'd have a magical evening, they were so right. Great show from start to finish from all performers and look at that sky.”
    • “SusanBoyleHQ tonight at #GlamisProm. Doesn't she look lovely? And she sang like an angel. Fantastic show!” https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DE0fDg7XUAAUtWC.jpg

    4. There was no wi-fi at Glamis Castle; many Forum fans patiently and impatiently waited, and finally the first notes were posted by Sherry from Florida, once she was back at the hotel about midnight her time. Her running commentary:
    “Online in hotel! Best night ever! - exceeded expectations!
    “We (Sherry from Florida, Angelika, Nora, Diane, Joyce, Marie) were fortunate to get into the venue about 3 pm and WE MET SUSAN as she was walking across the field! We each got a big hug from Susan! A dream start to the evening! ☺ Then as if things couldn't get better, we listened to Susan and the others do a soundcheck for “Thank You For The Music”.
    “All the worry about weather was not needed. Susan brought the sun and blue sky. Ferguson was the compere. We talked to him. After some performances, Susan and Lee Mead performed all I ask of you. Susan's dress was gorgeous. We're debating if purple, cerise or pink
    I say some kind of hot pink.
    “Then Susan sang “Impossible Dream” – perfection! Then some performances by others. Then Susan sang “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” perfection! Then “IDAD” – perfection, best ever! Group sang “Thank You For The Music”. Standing o. We went up front as close as we could get. Susan saw us. I think she knew we felt she did great. It far exceeded my expectations. Her 3 songs solo were to me perfection, Her voice is wonderful.
    “Afterwards I met the orchestra conductor. He said she was such a pleasure to deal with and her voice was something special. I could write about all the others who were great but I'm just so excited about Susan. Susan brought the sunshine and blue sky. It only rained a bit during her last 2 solos and “Thank You For The Music”. But I just tossed the umbrella and raincoat because all I wanted to do was listen to her. How many times I’ve heard IDAD live and this was as good or better than any!
    “To have met her before on the field and she's so sweet and then to see her on stage, it's really so moving. I'm really happy for us who were there and for Susan because I feel she will be happy with her performance. I haven't taken my jacket off yet but I knew you'd all want to know.
    “There was no Wi-Fi we could get there. It's an emotional experience to see and hear Susan. I don't know if I can relax for awhile. I'm buzzing!!
    “The audience from the beginning of the show for all performers was I felt not super exuberant but I felt with each of Susan's solos they got more animated. Great reaction to IDAD and by the end people were on their feet and going up to the stage.”
    “Impossible Dream was the other solo. Susan really does a great version of that song”.

    5. Then Soimpressed posted: “Don’t know where to start! It was a great evening, we had loads of fun and our little group put a lot of effort in looking after my mum who got a bit chilled but she got swaddled in blankets coats and scarves thank you everyone for helping her! Mums loving the trip.
    “As Sherry said we got waved through early in our taxi to the front because Mum "couldn’t walk" and I was astonished when Susan strolled across the grass towards us, gave me and my mum a big hug each. Mum said it was lovely to meet you and Susan smiled and said thank you. She also hugged Geliwho! A very unexpected start to the evening and something of a bonus!
    “All the performers were super, the rain held off except for a few brief minutes, the setting was lovely and the orchestra exceptional. We heard some of the sound check, It was interesting seeing the performers in ripped jeans then later they came out looking so glamorous.
    “I was shocked again by the beauty of Susans voice, there is so much warmth in it! .She has something even the slickest, most practised singers around don’t have.
    I hope this is Susan getting back into the swing of performing. I hope she sings more! One lady called out to Susan at the end. "More. Please sing for hours!" She was very well appreciated by the audience, lots of cheers and clapping. Susan looked amazing in her beautiful cerise dress. All the performers were very very good but Susan undoubtedly the star!
    “I think that impossible dream and idad were the best I’ve ever heard her sing those songs. She sang with great commitment and her voice was really exceptionally beautiful.”

    6. Followed by comments posted by Geliwho: “I´m speechless. I`m on cloud nine. I`m no SuBo virgin anymore! Susan was fantastic! Today a dream came true. She looked so lovely in her purple gown. I know, the others like Nora, Diane, Joyce and her mom call it cerize or something like that. I don`t know, for me it is purple with some silver decoration one side. Susan sang "All I ask for you", a duet with Lee Mead, a really nice guy, who supported Susan a lot at the beginning. Then she sang "The impossible dream", it was really, really good. Later she sang "Somewhere over the rainbow. She needed a second try, but it was really awesome, how she managed the situation. And she did the song very well. It is one of my favorites. For me, a dream came true, when Susan sang "I dreamed a dream". I could not believe, to hear it live, to hear it at the Glamis. Unbelievable! At the end all performing artists together finished the show with "Thank you for the music". It was fantastic.
    “In the afternoon, we met Susan and Annette randomly, just before the soundcheck. She was really nice and I got a big hug. She is such a nice and friendly person."

    The revised editions of my books, Susan Boyle, Professional Singer, by 15 six month periods covering July 1, 2009 through December 31, 2016 are now available as Kindle e-Books only at Amazon, just $6.85 per eBook. They are inter-active books with the text acting as a “tour guide” with the active links to the best YouTube video and/or audio that are available of many of Susan's performances and/or interviews.

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    Thanks for the great coverage of the night, LucyB - been a long time since such a night and it felt really special, even with all the waiting to hear about it!
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    Wonderful report, LucyB. Thanks so much for your careful gathering of this information of Glamis Proms.

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