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Thread: June 11-1: Susa-News Summary

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    Default June 11-1: Susa-News Summary

    We, as her adoring fans, are privileged to constantly watch and enjoy the public activities of Global Superstar, Susan Boyle. I am maintaining a daily log of the highlights of Susa-news and not editorializing toooo much. Accuracy is very important – PLEASE PM any additions and/or corrections to me. I’ve tried to credit the right Fan where possible. Please forgive my mistakes and send me a correction.

    June 11-17: A bit of Susa-News

    June 11, Sunday

    June 12, Monday

    June 13, Tuesday

    June 14, Wednesday

    June 15, Thursday

    1. Susan was shopping in Edinburgh; a tweet:
    • “Ryan and Susan Boyle is the cutest but also most awkward pic ever.” https://twitter.com/linzi_flintoft/s...95916723208192

    June 16, Friday
    1. Susan was out walking near her home in Blackburn. A picture was posted on Facebook – a woman was leading a fuzzy brown foal along the sidewalk edge; Susan was accompanied by a local black and white cat on the sidewalk in the background. http://forum.susan-boyle.com/threads...=1#post1088142

    June 17, Saturday
    1. A note was posted on the Susan Boyle Facebook page: “Susan will be performing at the The Glamis Prom on July 15th! You can purchase tickets here www.glamisprom.com.”
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    Thanks LucyB - i'm overwhelmed that Susan's official Facebook page posted something. At last.
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