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Thread: Susa-News Summary: April 9-15 - Sorry for disruption of service

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    So sorry to hear this. I hope, you feel better soon. Best wishes!

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    Dear LucyB, so sorry to read about this unexpected health crisis. Please be very kind and gentle with yourself and give yourself plenty of time to heal.

    You who think yourself young, just have a look at this woman, she has kept a heart of gold and a pure soul … (French commentator)

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    Quote Originally Posted by LucyB View Post
    Back in July 2009 I started the weekly postings of my Susa-News summaries, I missed yesterday but will post last week’s in the next 3-4 days.

    Early last Tuesday morning I went to the hospital for a simple gall bladder removal; it had a 3 cm stone that suddenly made itself known. I looked forward to being back home in the afternoon. Unfortunately, gallbladder + stone had been in a long term battle with the walls of the large intestines, so simple turned into major abdominal surgery. Not only did the surgeon take out the gall bladder + stone, she also had to take out the adjoined part of the large intestines. My recovery has been a bit slow with a few bumps along the way. So finally I got back home from the hospital about 1:30 on Easter Sunday. It is over and done with; had it not been now, it would have been later.

    I’ll be back in touch later in the week. LucyB
    Ouch! So sorry that it was much worse than anticipated, but at least you're back home and on the mend.
    Take care and don't try to rush it.

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