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Thread: Feb 26 - March 4: Susa-News Summary

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    Default Feb 26 - March 4: Susa-News Summary

    We, as her adoring fans, are privileged to constantly watch and enjoy the public activities of Global Superstar, Susan Boyle. I am maintaining a daily log of the highlights of Susa-news and not editorializing toooo much. Accuracy is very important – PLEASE PM any additions and/or corrections to me. I’ve tried to credit the right Fan where possible. Please forgive my mistakes and send me a correction.

    February 26 – March 4: Performed “I Dreamed A Dream” twice at Allan Stewart’s Big, Big Variety Show at the King’s Theatre in Edinburgh

    February 26 Sunday

    February 27, Monday

    1. An interesting Susa- note posted in The Guardian after the mix-up at the Academy Awards: “I was heading for the Academy Awards, little knowing that the ceremony would be crowned with a moment of gorgeous and historic chaos, with Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway giving the best picture award to the wrong film and creating the biggest YouTube moment since Susan Boyle appeared on Britain’s Got Talent.”

    February 28, Tuesday: Susan sang “I Dreamed A Dream” at Alan Stewart’s show at Edinburgh’s King’s Theatre
    1. Earlier in the day Susan was out and about; a post on Instagram: “Ella's first picture with a celebrity even though it was a sneaky one. Susan was annoyed the queue was taking so long so didn't dare to ask. #susanboyle #subo #firstcelebencounter” https://instagram.com/p/BRD2lJ8h6o8/

    2. Susan was a surprise guest at her friend, Alan Stewart's Big, Big Variety Show at Edinburgh’s King’s Theatre and sang “I Dreamed A Dream” at the end of the show. Two differing opinions on Facebook:
    • “Brilliant variety show at the Kings tonight with Allan Stewart, Grant Stott and Elaine C Smith. At the end Allan announced that their was a surprise guest but we all thought he was kidding, then on came Susan Boyle looking fabulous. What a night!”
    • “A lovely guest left me two tickets to a variety show at the kings Tonight billed with a special guest so went along and it was only Susan Boyle... she sang like an angel but walked on looking like'd just missed the number 33 bus back home, pure ragin' haha”

    March 1, Wednesday
    1. As posted at Edinburghnews.scotsman.com/news/entertainment in “Review: Allan Stewart’s Big Big Variety Show” by Liam Rudden:
    “When you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you...” sings Allan Stewart at the start of his latest Big Big Variety Show. For the next two and a half hours a packed King’s does just that... when they’re not roaring with laughter or singing along. Boasting a tried and tested formula that Stewart understands better than most, this year’s music hall extravaganza is his strongest bill yet.
    “’I am the entertainer, that’s all I’ve ever done’, he [Alan Stewart] sings as the show reaches its finale, but just as it appears the night is over, there’s one more surprise, Susan Boyle, who gives a spine-tingling rendition of “I Dreamed A Dream” that brings the audience to their feet.
    Please note: Susan Boyle was a special guest and is not programmed to appear.”

    2. Susan was in Glasgow; a Facebook comment was posted that she was in the audience at Barbara Dickson’s show at The Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow. A post on Facebook, “Bumped into wee Susan Boyle” with a picture of Susan fancy in a fur coat with hair styled.
    • “I pure gasped in her face n went omg. sorry @SusanBoyleHQ a wis just starstruck!”
    • In the evening a comment was posted from Glasgow, “Legit SuBo sighting” with a picture posted of Susan walking with 2 men on a city street – possibly Andrew and his partner.

    March 1, Thursday

    March 2, Friday

    1. Susan performed “I Dreamed A Dream” again at Allan Stewart’s Big, Big Variety Show at the King’s Theatre in Edinburgh. Various comments:
    • Posted by Stuart Stott, one of the other performers, on Facebook: “WHAT A VOICE.....I had the pleasure of hearing Susan Boyle sing live tonight in The Kings Theatre, Edinburgh and she was bloody AMAZING...that's honestly the first time I've ever heard her sing. I saw her backstage so instead of bailing out after photographing PILOT (who were fab) I hung around just in case she made an appearance and was very glad that I did. Allan Stewart, Grant Stott & Elaine C Smith were also excellent, very funny and entertaining. The show finishes tomorrow but you have two chances to see it as there is a Matinee and an evening show, you'll not be disappointed if you decide to go.”
    • From a Susa-fan on Facebook: “I saw Susan tonight, and she gave comfort and joy to lots of people.......She stood on the stage and sang her heart out. And got a standing ovation. She sang IDAD again. BLOODY FANTASTIC!”
    • “Loving Susan Boyle tonight. @edtheatres Ex #Allanstewart #BigBigVariety Ex” https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C6B636rWcAAD-Me.jpg
    • “A big thank you to my best bud REMOVED for a great night laughter flowing and then at the end tears. Susan Boyle what a singer!! Great night hugs to my best bud xxx!!”
    • "#SusanBoyle #Subo #AllanStewart #BigBigVarietyShow #Lighting"

    2. Thescottishsun.co.uk posted “I'M SU GRATEFUL, Kind Susan Boyle helps homeless Robbie with cash donation in Glasgow city centre” by Sam Durkin. A few highlights:
    “Kind SuBo, 55, was heading for lunch in Glasgow’s Rogano Oyster Bar when she spotted Robbie huddled outside on the pavement. The star paused to read his cardboard sign asking for help before digging into her pockets and handing over £7. The singer, from Blackburn, West Lothian, emerged from the restaurant shortly afterwards wrapped up in a black furry coat over a purple dress."

    March 4, Saturday

    http://susanboyle-professionalsinger.com/ CLICK for LucyB’s website for her on-going series of books, Susan Boyle, Professional Singer, that chronicle Susan’s professional activities since July 2009.
    http://susanboyle-professionalsinger...hth-year-2016/ CLICK for monthly Highlights on LucyB’s website for monthly summaries of Susan’s public activities from January 2009 through December 31, 2016

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    Thanks, LucyB! Just love all the details!

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    Thank you Lucy
    It is so good to see Susan on stage
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