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Thread: Jan 15-21: Susa-News Summary

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    Default Jan 15-21: Susa-News Summary

    We, as her adoring fans, are privileged to constantly watch and enjoy the public activities of Global Superstar, Susan Boyle. I am maintaining a daily log of the highlights of Susa-news and not editorializing toooo much. Accuracy is very important – PLEASE PM any additions and/or corrections to me. I’ve tried to credit the right Fan where possible. Please forgive my mistakes and send me a correction.

    January 15-21: Susan out and about

    January 15, Sunday

    1. A post on Facebook noted Susan was at the Bus Stop Cafe in Bathgate with friends.

    2. A tweet from TreeOfHappyness in Mumbai, India, a Social Network dedicated to the Special Needs, the Disabled their Parents, Therapists, Doctors, Teachers, NGOs and the Schools: “@SusanBoyleHQ turning disabilities into abilities! #Win #Awareness #Aspergers #SpecialNeeds #DifferentlyAbled”
    A picture was included with a quote from Susan: “I want people like me to see that they shouldn't let a disability get in their way. I want to raise awareness, I want to turn my disability into ability.”

    January 16, Monday
    1. Susan was out and about; a note on Instagram from the Star and Garter in Linlithgow: “We had a special visitor at #thestar today. @susanboyleofficial popped in for a coffee and a chat! We hope to see you again soon! #subo #susanboyle #scotland #scottish #superstar" https://instagram.com/p/BPU7oLUlJ88/

    2. On January 10, Thescottishsun.co.uk posted an extended exclusive report by Matt Bendoris about Dutch violinist and conductor, Andre Rieu. Noted in the report:
    “And along with Jonathan Watson, the conductor has a hit-list of other Scots he’d like to meet, including Susan Boyle, Sir Andy Murray and Sir Sean Connery. Rieu was quoted: “Susan Boyle has made an amazing career and touched so many people’s hearts.”

    January 17, Tuesday
    1. Susan was out and about; comments posted by 2 different people on Facebook:
    • “When your at the centre and meet Susan Boyle!”
    • “Met Susan Boyle today, she's actually really lovely! Had a conversation with her about my tattoos and stuff.”

    January 18, Wednesday
    1. Susan was in Falkirk with Maureen Nagle from the Bathgate Regal Theatre; her son tweeted: “My mum was at lunch with Susan in Falkirk and a American lady says has anyone ever told you that you look like Susan Boyle.”

    2. Sherry from Florida also noted: “A Wonderful World is now #40 on the Barnes and Noble bestsellers list and it is #1 on the Love Songs for Valentine's Day category and shows up on the Music Store page so perhaps lots of people are seeing it.
    Trennie replied: “And not just for this year. I think this album may prove among the more popular of her ‘back catalog’.”

    3. Sherry from Florida noted: “The Gift is number 49on the last Billboard Holiday Albums chart for this season. Altogether The Gift has been on this chart over the years a total of 50 weeks.”

    January 19, Thursday
    1. On Facebook, Annette posted a picture of eating with Susan at the Bus Stop in Bathgate.

    January 20, Friday

    January 21, Saturday: 8-year Anniversary of Audition on Britain’s Got Talent

    1. A note was posted on Facebook that Susan was in Edinburgh at the Omni Centre at a Scottish cup Game: “Subo before a Scottish cup game.”
    • A tweet: “Can't believe my dad got a selfie with Susan Boyle” https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C2tpXpAWQAEfHRm.jpg

    2. It was on January 21, 2009 that Susan left her house early in the morning, took numerous buses to the Britain’s Got Talent auditions at the SECC in Glasgow, waited and waited through the day, and finally got a chance to step on the stage in front of the panel of 3 judges and a rather skeptical audience, and after a bit of patter with Simon Cowell, sing “I Dream A Dream” changing her life forever. The performance was taped, edited, and broadcast on April 11, 2009 when the lives of many of her fans were also changed forever.
    http://susanboyle-professionalsinger.com/ CLICK for LucyB’s website for her on-going series of books, Susan Boyle, Professional Singer, that chronicle Susan’s professional activities since July 2009.
    http://susanboyle-professionalsinger...hth-year-2016/ CLICK for monthly Highlights on LucyB’s website for monthly summaries of Susan’s public activities from January 2009 through November 30, 2016

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    Another busy week for Susan.....thanks LucyB.

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    This is a much better week for Susan sightings. Thanks, Lucy, for the report.

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