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Thread: Nov 20-27: Susa-News Summary

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    Default Nov 20-27: Susa-News Summary

    We, as her adoring fans, are privileged to constantly watch and enjoy the public activities of Global Superstar, Susan Boyle. I am maintaining a daily log of the highlights of Susa-news and not editorializing toooo much. Accuracy is very important – PLEASE forgive any mistakes and send me a private message (PM) with any additions and/or corrections. I’ve tried to credit the right Fan where possible.

    November 20-26: 7th album, A Wonderful World, released world-wide

    November 20, Sunday

    1. Mirror.co.uk/3am posted “Susan Boyle may NEVER sing live again - as she reveals two-stone weight loss secrets and looks for love” by Geraldine McKelvie. Some of the highlights:
    “SuBo says her Asperger’s syndrome has become so crippling that she is unable to set dates for another tour. Speaking ahead of the release of new album A Wonderful World this Friday, she said: ‘I haven’t performed live because I’ve been ill. The short answer is that it has been connected to my Asperger’s syndrome. When you sing, you put on a persona. I hide behind that person on stage. You can feel like death, but you have to put it on. The audience wants to see someone smiley. “There are no firm dates for another tour. I’m taking baby steps. I’ve decided to record and see how it does first. Do a little at a time. Record, see how it does. Then build it up from there. When you have been ill, it’s a bit like a house. You rebuild the floor first.’
    “Her problems were added to last year when doctors said she needed to lose weight after she was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. She added: ‘I needed to stop eating sweeties and cakes. It’s the bane of my life. I had to lose the weight for my health.’
    “Susan shot to fame with her rendition of I Dreamed A Dream on Britain’s Got Talent in 2009. Performing to packed arenas fulfilled a life’s ambition. But she last sang live in the summer of 2015. And amid personal traumas, including a feud with brother Gerry, she fell into a spiral of despair. Her misery was compounded when her sister Bridie McCaw, 73, died last October. Susan’s condition means her behaviour is unpredictable and a hint of stress can cause a meltdown – making live shows a huge risk and potentially very difficult for her to deal with.
    “She hasn’t spoken to her former mentor Simon Cowell for four years but still thinks he is a ‘great guy’. And just days ago she signed a new deal with Cowell’s SyCo label. She said: ‘Simon probably has had a look at the playlist but I don’t know what his involvement is – I only sing.’”
    • Susan’s embedded 1:51-minute interview was posted on YouTube by SusanBoyleFans1, “Susan Boyle - Interview live “Sunday Mirror” 2016”. https://youtu.be/Q4LGoY71Pxk

    2. Claudia Winkleman premiered 'Always On My Mind' from AWW on her Sunday Songbook on BBC Radio 2.

    3. A tweet from SBFII: “Articles reporting Susan Boyle overjoyed at new record deal. No doubt @Simoncowell@syco are overjoyed to have resigned [sic; re-signed] this great singer.”

    November 21, Monday
    1. A review of A Wonderful World posted at Jpsmusicblog.blogspot.ca. Highlights:
    “Her seventh [album] just arrived on November 4th, titled "A Wonderful World." It features Boyle performing ten classic, all-time greats including "What A Wonderful World" and "When You Wish Upon A Star." Some of the amazing tunes featured on this new release are her virtual duet with Nat King Cole on "When I Fall In Love" and her other duet with Michael Bolton on "Somewhere Out There." Boyle's voice is perfect as she can make any song her own, including Willie Nelson's "Always On My Mind" and Paul McCartney's "Mull Of Kintyre." She also adds an innocence to Madonna's "Like A Prayer." Once again, she delivers a great album of well-known songs that becomes innocent with her vocals soaring above.”

    November 22, Tuesday
    1. More sales ranking for Susan’s albums:
    • Sherry from Florida has posted more rankings on iTunes. In Hong Kong AWW is #42 and IDAD is 1206; in Estonia, Standing Ovation is #1112. On Spotify, there have been 302,390 monthly listeners
    • CanadianBill noted The Gift is #43 on Billboard’s holiday albums chart; the 46th week the album has been on that chart.

    2. Sugar puddin posted a bit more information about what happened at the end of the Jacksonville Concert gleaned from her conversations with Susan when she was visiting Scotland: “On Jacksonville, when she went off stage to change her gown, it split all the way up. And she was very emotional about it being the last show, as Lance Ellington said, she didn't want it to end, it was her Mother's Birthday, and she was just physically and emotionally drained. I think the dress was the straw that broke the camels back. Lorraine confirmed about the dress.”

    November 23, Wednesday
    1. An extended report was posted on Thelist.com, “The real reason we don't hear about Susan Boyle anymore” by Lauren Bair. Susan’s 2009 audition on Britain’s GotTalent is embedded at the beginning of the report, which is divided into seven sections after the introduction.
    The central theme of the report is: “So where is she [Susan] now? With the voice of a hopeful, yet world-weary angel, a bursting bank account, internationally chart-topping hits, and a household name, where has this dark horse diva skittered off to? Well, you don't go viral and disappear for no reason. We've got a hunch it might have a little something to do with the following things: “Her Aspergers”, “Her Family”, “Her New Holiday Album Drop”, “Her Secret Crush”, “Her Plans to Adopt”, and “Her Fortune”. Each topic is explored in depth and with perception.
    Bair concludes with: “She [Susan] may prefer a private life over a public one, and she may have her fair share of personal struggles to overcome, but Boyle continues to sing, despite great challenges, inspiring fans worldwide with her passionate voice.”

    November 24, Thursday: Thanksgiving Day in US
    1. Posted on Instagram by Nicole Phillips, Susan’s publicist: “Who'd have thought..... 7 years & now 7 albums.... it's been an amazing ride, with buckets of wonderful and hilarious memories #susanboyle #awonderfulworld #albumreleaseeve #goandbuythealbum #wedidit #teamsubo #beenawakesince5amhencetheexhaustedlook”

    2. Susan’s “Auld Lang Syne” is #3 in the Barbados ITunes top 100 songs.

    3. In the UK on Emmerdale, the very popular night time TV soap, an advertisement called Susan Boyle the “Voice Of Christmas”.

    November 25, Friday: A Wonderful World released world-wide
    1. A Message from Susan was posted on her Facebook page; in the 13-second video Susan talks about A Wonderful World: https://www.facebook.com/susanboyle/...4079181709562/

    2. Huffingtonpost.co.uk posted “Susan Boyle On Her New Album, ‘A Wonderful World’, The Media’s Portrayal Of Her And Why There’s No Such Word As ‘Can’t’” an exclusive by Daniel Welsh. Just a few highlights from this extended report:
    “I’m keen to hear how she feels about the way she’s portrayed in the media, particularly when the stories written about her don’t paint her in the most positive light. Susan says. ‘As you learn more experience, you learn not to read these things. To begin with, I’m talking in the first three months or so, you do [read the press]. Because you’re not experienced. But as you learn more experience, you learn not to read these things. People write things about you, people may say things about you but they can’t hurt you. Because if you do your job well, and people like what you do, that counteracts the bad. And turns it around, into a good thing. Into a positive thing.’
    “Describing how she’s changed from her early, post-‘BGT’ days, she continues: ‘I’ve matured, I’ve calmed down in a lot of ways, I used to be known as an unexploded bomb. It’s been a learning curve, the whole time, a learning curve. You learn something new every day. I’ve learned a lot of patience. You need that. People come up to you, they want photographs taken and stuff like that, and you have to be charming and nice. I’ve accepted what is expected of me. There are still times when I don’t feel up to it, which is only natural. But when you feel like that, you’ve got to put this, sort of, mask on. And you say, ‘well I don’t feel so good, but I’ve got an obligation to these people.’ She’s referring to her fans, who she describes as ‘extended family’ and ‘the drive that keeps her going’ when she’s having her low moments.
    “Describing the importance of image in the music industry in general, she adds: ‘You have to look a certain way, you have to be a certain thing, you have to... there is a lot of emphasis - especially on younger people - to look a certain way. Because they’re led by these, kind of, icons... and they want to look like them. But they should be their own person, and be comfortable the way they are.’
    “Finally, I ask her what her advice would be to those who are in the same position she was in seven years ago, wondering if her seemingly impossible dream would ever be realised. ‘I’ve got a sister who’s a teacher,’ she tells me, ‘And she has a saying, ‘there’s no such word as can’t.’ No matter what your age, no matter what you want to do, if you want it badly enough, you go for it. There’s no such word as can’t.’”

    3. Daniel Welsh interviewed Susan in London at the Syco Offices and, as the ardent Susa-fan “Silly Old Daniel” on Twitter, tweeted about the interview on Friday, November 18 (see Nov 19#2). In the past three years he has also posted birthday greetings to Susan in the Huffington Post as well as a report about her Ice Bucket Challenge in 2014.

    4. Dailymail.co.uk posted “Why I dropped out for two years: Susan Boyle tells how she's swapped her 'posh house' for the council home she grew up in as she heals the feuds with her family” by Jan Moir. Just a few highlights from this extended report:
    “Given that her stratospheric fame has not come without personal cost — her millions have sparked bitter jealousies within her family — her devoted fanbase is dear to her heart. [Susan was quoted:] 'Like any artist, I worry about people still liking me, I worry about going stale, I have a role to play. People have expectations of me. They see me as a pillar of society and I don't want to let them down.'
    “She's just signed a new deal with Simon Cowell's label Syco, and is back with a new album for Christmas, her first release since 2014.
    “In 2012 Susan was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, a form of autism that affects her ability to make sense of the world and process information. It led to a period on various medications — but, more importantly, to Susan's improved understanding of herself and her behaviour. [Susan was quoted:] 'I always struggled to make myself understood. I still go mad a bit, shout and scream. Not good, not good! But at least now I know why,' she says. 'Baby steps, baby steps, but I am getting better.'”
    “Yet it was only when both her parents had gone, ironically when Susan was at her most vulnerable, that she was also set free. She took it upon herself to audition for a talent show and finally found herself. [Susan was quoted:] 'All my life I felt like an outsider looking in — but after that I felt like part of life at last. I was always struggling to show I had as much ability as anyone else, and finally I did.'

    5. Sherry from Florida posted this week’s iTunes rankings for AWW: #36 The Netherlands; #49 UK; #55 Australia; #56 Malta; #59 Italy; #82 Ireland; #124 Belgium; and #141 Spain. Spotify now lists a total of 366,682 monthly listeners.

    6. A 32-second ad for AWW on British TV today was posted to YouTube by Mrs. NAG-F “Susan Boyle commercial”. https://youtu.be/peBOw40kb3M

    7. On her Facebook page, song writer Nell Bryden, who wrote “May You Never Be Alone”, posted: “I got goosebumps when I heard Susan Boyle's version of my song. It was originally called "Edge of the World" from my album Wayfarer but everyone kept saying it sounded like a Celtic Christmas song, so finally I rewrote the lyrics and released it as "May You Never Be Alone." I'm totally digging her version's bagpipes, Irish flutes and massive children's choir. SuBo's new album is out today worldwide. Hope it gets you in the festive spirit.”

    November 26, Saturday
    1. A poster on Instagram posted "Casual night out with SuBo" and a tweeter noted they saw Susan in Edinburgh at the Church Hill Theatre.

    2. Sherry from Florida posted more iTunes rankings for A Wonderful World; – #67 United Kingdom; #89 Australia; #89 Switzerland; #102 Ireland; #102 Netherlands; #140 South Africa; #161 New Zealand; #176 Spain; and US iTunes #1270. On Barnes & Noble AWW #31 / Home for Christmas #123 / TheGift #547. And on Spotify there have been 398,131 monthly listeners.

    3. Various media reports with bits and pieces from the extended report at Dailymail.co.uk (see Nov 25#4):
    • Contactmusic.com posted “Susan Boyle: 'I would have married Piers Morgan'” by Bang Showbiz. A highlight:
    “Susan, 55, also opened up about her date with a ''handsome'' doctor she met in Florida last year and her disappointment that they did not embark on a relationship. She said: ‘We had fish and then ice cream, just the one glass of wine. It was a date, it felt romantic, I had met someone nice at last. 'We kept in contact. I wish I'd kept up the relationship, but it just wasn't practical. I just felt at the time it wasn't right.’”
    • Pressparty.com posted “Susan Boyle worries about letting her fans down: ‘I have a role to play’” A highlight: “She recently opened up about her new album, A Wonderful World, and confessed to Event magazine that it's ‘very romantic’.’It's very romantic, isn't it? Especially at the time of year when people are looking for something extra-special. Perfect for a couple who meet for the first time."’”
    Embedded in the report is her recent performance of “I Dreamed A Dream” at Children In Need in Glasgow on November 16; her BGT audition in 2009; and a 27- sec sample of “When I Fall In Love” from A Wonderful World.
    • Telegraph.co.uk posted “Susan Boyle interview: 'It shows there's no such word as "can't"' by Julia Llewellyn Smith. A highlight:
    “Directly before we meet, Susan Boyle’s been drinking champagne, celebrating signing a new three-album [my underline for emphasis] deal. To do that, she’s visiting Sony’s London headquarters on a day trip from her home in Blackburn, West Lothian. It’s a 12-hour round trip by train. Surely a woman worth an estimated £25 million could break up the journey with a night in a hotel?
    “But in-and-out is the way Boyle likes it: “I have a good balance, I come down and work and then go back to…” She names her address. It’s not a mansion (she owns a “posh house” nearby, but her niece lives in it) but the pebbledashed house she grew up in, in the middle of a housing estate.”

    4. Two tweets and gobs of adoration from an ardent Susa-fan:
    • “@SusanBoyleHQ Dear Susan I just bought "A Wonderful World" & the world is now more wonderful because of those songs. I will LOVE YOU forever.”
    • “@SusanBoyleHQ I reverence you Susan but sometimes your face is irresistable to kiss. May God send you a good man to kiss you endlessly xxxxx”

    CLICK for LucyB’s website for her on-going series of books, Susan Boyle, Professional Singer, that chronicle Susan’s professional activities since July 2009.

    CLICK for monthly Highlights on LucyB’s website for monthly summaries of Susan’s public activities from January 2009 through June 30, 2016.

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    Thank you as always, LucyB. You are getting more and more busy by the week now.

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    Hurrah for that!! Sharpen your long pencil, Lucy.

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    Looks like you're a very busy gal again! Thanks for a great report!

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