Board members and JudyOkla have been working on ways to make the Forum more accessible to SBFII members, especially new members. We have created this new Welcome area with centralized information and references about SBFII, the Forum, and Susan Boyle. We hope that this new area will provide helpful information. The new threads will continue to be edited and revised, and if anyone has comments or suggestions, please feel free to post them in the Suggestions thread:

We hope that new members and long-time lurkers (silent readers) will feel welcome to introduce themselves and post if they would like to. We ask all Forum members to help us keep an eye out for folks who have not posted much and to make them feel welcome when they do. Thanks for helping us make the Forum a friendly environment for everyone who wants to follow and support Susan Boyle in her unique journey!

A thread for new members to introduce themselves has been created here: