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Thread: Song and Album Acronyms in Alphabetical Order

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    Default Song and Album Acronyms in Alphabetical Order

    All possible acronyms have been provided, although they are most frequently used for the better known/more popular songs.

    A – I

    AFK, Ae Fond Kiss (performed in concert)
    AG, Amazing Grace (on IDAD album)
    AIAM, Away In A Manger (on TG album)
    AIAOY, All I Ask Of You (duet with Donny Osmond on SO album)
    AL, Autumn Leaves (on STWOM album)
    ALAHNM, As Long as He Needs Me (on SO album)
    ALS, Auld Lang Syne (on TG album)
    AMP, A Mother's Prayer (duet with Jackie Evancho on her album Dream With Me)
    AM, Answer Me (performed in concert)
    AM, Ave Maria (performed in church settings, clips on Youtube)
    Angel (on Hope album)
    AWM, Abide With Me (on Hope album)
    BHH, Bring Him Home (on SO album)
    BOTW, Bridge Over Troubled Water (on Hope album)
    BSN, Both Sides Now (on STWOM album)
    CMAR, Cry Me A River (on IDAD album, on Sounds of West Lothian CD)
    DB, Daydream Believer (on IDAD album)
    DDIO, Don't Dream It's Over (on TG album)
    DGUOM, Don't Give Up On Me (on STWOM bonus album from the US QVC)
    DYHWIH, Do You Hear What I Hear? (duet with Amber Stassi on TG album; duet with Johnny Mathis on his Sending You A Little Christmas album)
    EH, Everybody Hurts (recorded for Haiti disaster, 2010)
    ETS, Enjoy the Silence (on STWOM album)
    Fame (pre-fame recording on Youtube)
    FOA, Fields of Athenry (sung at private event, version on Youtube)
    FTMO, From This Moment On (duet with Placido Domingo, Songs)
    Hallelujah (on TG album)
    HFC, Home for Christmas (album)
    HGTA, How Great Thou Art (on IDAD album)
    HMTMKM, Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me (performed in concert)
    HTHAS, Hark! The Herald Angels Sing (on HFC album)
    HYAMLC, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (on HFC album)

    I – S

    IDAD, I Dreamed a Dream (album name, song on this album, Britain's Got Talent audition, final, & tour)
    IBHFC, I'll Be Home for Christmas (on HFC album)
    IBIFC, I Believe in Father Christmas (on HFC album)
    ICOI, I Can Only Imagine (on Hope album)
    IDKHTLH, I Don't Know How To Love Him (pre-fame recording on Youtube)
    IKHSW, I Know Him So Well (duet with Elaine Paige on first Susan Boyle television special, charity duet with Peter Kay for Red Nose Day, duet with Ashleigh Gray in concert)
    Imagine (on Hope album)
    ITBM, In the Bleak Midwinter (on HFC album)
    KAOM, Keep an Open Mouth (Miracle Whip commercial)
    KMS, Killing Me Softly (pre-fame recording on Youtube)
    LDB, Little Drummer Boy (on HFC album)
    LW, Lilac Wine (on STWOM album)
    Memory (on SO album, Britain's Got Talent semi-final & tour)
    MH, Miracle Hymn (on HFC album)
    MOK, Mull Of Kintyre (performed at Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee Pageant)
    MMACOYP, Make Me A Channel Of Your Peace (on TG album)
    MW, Mad World (on STWOM album)
    MYFML, Make You Feel My Love (performed in concert)
    OCAYF, O Come All Ye Faithful (on TG album, duet with Elvis Presley on HFC album)
    OHD, Oh Happy Day (on Hope album)
    OHOMO, Out Here On My Own (on SO album)
    OHN, O Holy Night (on TG album)
    OLOK, Our Lady of Knock (surprise appearance Daniel O'Donnell concert, 2010)
    Paper Roses (pre-fame recording on Youtube)
    PD, Perfect Day (on TG album)
    Proud (on IDAD album)
    RDMH, River Deep, Mountain High (duet with Lance Ellington in concert)
    Return (on STWOM album)
    RLTW, Run Like The Wind (performed in concert)
    SITC, Send In The Clowns (on SO album)
    SN, Silent Night (on IDAD album)
    SO or SO: TBSFTS, Standing Ovation: The Best Songs From The Stage (album name)
    SOTR, Somewhere Over The Rainbow (on SO album)
    STWOM, Someone to Watch Over Me (album name, song on album)

    T – Z

    TCS, The Christmas Song (on HFC album)
    TCW, The Christmas Waltz (on HFC album)
    TEOTW, The End Of The World (on IDAD album)
    TFN, The First Noel (on TG album)
    TFS, The First Star – Sukiyaki (bonus track on STWOM Japanese album)
    The Gift (TG album)
    TID, The Impossible Dream (on Hope album)
    TITM, This Is The Moment (duet with Donny Osmond on SO album)
    TLP, The Lord's Prayer (on HFC album)
    TMOTN, The Music Of The Night (duet with Michael Crawford on SO album)
    TODCL, That Ole Devil Called Love (performed in concert)
    TPOL, The Power of Love (pre-fame recording on Youtube)
    TPY, The Perfect Year (performed in concert)
    TTLOYF, Take That Look Off Your Face (performed in concert)
    TTMT, The Thin Man Theme (bonus track on STWOM Japanese album)
    TWBTY, This Will Be The Year (on STWOM album)
    TWTIA, The Winner Takes It All (on SO album)
    TWWW, The Way We Were (pre-fame recording on Youtube, also performed in concert)
    UM, Unchained Melody (on STWOM album)
    UTTM, Up To The Mountain (on IDAD album)
    VT, Vapor Trail (bonus track on TG Japanese album)
    WACIB, When a Child Is Born (duet with Johnny Mathis on HFC album)
    WH, Wild Horses (on IDAD album)
    WIWBTB, Who I Was Born To Be (on IDAD album)
    WTCBU, Will The Circle Be Unbroken (on Hope album)
    WTF (or W2F if you would like to be more polite ), (Wings To Fly (bonus track on IDAD Japanese album)
    WYWH, Wish You Were Here (on Hope album)
    YAMS, You Are My Sunshine (on STWOM bonus album from the US QVC)
    YHTBT, You Have To Be There (on STWOM album)
    YNWA, You'll Never Walk Alone (on SO album)
    YRMU, You Raise Me Up (on Hope album)
    YS, You'll See (on IDAD album)
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