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    Default Terms and Info About Susan Boyle

    Susan's Nicknames: Lirpa Loof (April Fool backwards), LSB (Lil Susie B), SMB (her real initials), SuBo (media nickname, especially in the UK)

    Albums: 1. IDAD (I Dreamed A Dream), 2. TG (The Gift), 3. STWOM (Someone To Watch Over Me), 4. SO (Standing Ovation), 5. HFC (Home for Christmas). For more information about albums and songs, go to:

    Concert Tours: 2013 Scottish Tour, 2014 British Tour

    Career History Links: (complete index of links, photos & career highlights compiled by Canadian Bill), (Lucy B's weekly news archive started early in Susan's career)

    Special Projects: IDAD (I Dreamed A Dream, stage musical based on Susan's life), TCC (The Christmas Candle, independent movie), TWIWBTB (The Woman I Was Born To Be, autobiography)

    Specials & Documentaries: The Susan Boyle Story, There's Something About Susan, Susan Boyle An Unlikely Superstar, Piers Morgan's Life Stories

    Magazine Features: Harper's Bazaar photo spread

    Charitable Projects: (list compiled by Canadian Bill)

    Susan's Work Associates:
    Present: Andrew Panton (coach/director of Susan's Scottish tour and producer of her 4th & 5th albums), Andy Stephens (manager), Annette (Susan Housekeeper & friend), Jonathan (sound man), Lorraine Campbell (Susan's childhood friend/current Personal Assistant), Michelle (hairdresser), Nicola Philips (public relations director), Sadie Boyle (Susan's friend/neighbor, current Personal Assistant)

    Past: Alex Kadis (public relations staff person), Ciaran (one of Susan's first bodyguards), Frankie (assistant who came from BGT to protect Susan from the tabloids), Joanne (Susan's niece & Personal Assistant), Joyce Young (fashion designer), Julia (Susan's first Personal Assistant), Kirsty Foy (Susan's niece/first entertainment lawyer), "Mountain Man" (SBFII's affectionate nickname for one of Susan's bodyguards), Ossie Kilkenney (Susan's first accountant after she became famous), Susan Neville (fashion designer), Steve Mac (producer for first 3 albums), Yvie Burnett (Susan first voice coach after she became famous)

    Other People in Susan's Life: Alan McHugh (Co-writer & actor for the 2012 stage musical, I Dreamed A dream), Frank Quinn (close personal friend/former teacher), Elaine C. Smith (co-writer & actress portraying Susan in the 2012 stage musical, I Dreamed A Dream), Fred O'Neil (Susan's first voice teacher), Osca Humphreys (director/producer of 'An Unlikely Superstar' documentary), Paul O'Grady (television talk show host), Pamela (caretaker for Pebbles since Susan is on the road so much), Piers Morgan (judge on Britain's Got Talent, 2009/current talk show host), Simon Cowell (head of Syco, creator of American Idol, Britain's Got Talent, America's Got Talent, X-Factor, and other talent shows)

    Musical Partners: Amber Stassi, Ashleigh Gray, Daniel O'Donnell, Donny Osmond, Elaine Paige, Elvis Presley, Jackie Evancho, Johnny Mathis, Lance Ellington, Michael Crawford, Peter Kay, Placido Domingo

    Susan's family: (in chronological order) Patrick (father, deceased), Bridget ("Bridie"- mother, deceased), Uncle Michael (mother's brother who lived with the family while Susan was growing up, deceased), Patricia (sister, died as an infant before Susan was born), Mary (sister), Bridie (sister), Joe (brother), Kathleen (sister, deceased), John (brother), James (brother, deceased), Gerard (brother) and Susan.

    And last but certainly not least, Pebbles (Susan's cat, to whom she referred in her interview before her now famous 2009 BGT audition, but who is now cared for by someone else).

    Other terms associated with Susan: Posh House (Susan's 2nd home, purchased but not lived in by Susan), RSC (Royal Scotland Conservatoire, where her Andrew Panton works and where Susan is sometimes seen), SECC (Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre, where Susan's BGT audition was filmed), The Team or Team Subo (Susan's professional team)
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